WHY psychotherapy or counselling?
WHY is it good to talk?

It enables us to achieve a happier and more positive life!
I am not here to give advice

Part of the underpinning of good counselling is to operate in an humanistic and person centred way, which recognises the importance of having empathy and being non-judgmental to real life situations and working in the best interests of my clients.  I believe creating a good therapeutic relationship is fundamental to the success of counselling and this is based on confidentiality, autonomy, trust and respect.  

The process of counselling is to enable clients to explore issues in a safe, confidential and supporting environment. To help come to an under-standing and an acceptance as to what has or is happening in your life, either present or historically, which may be painful and confusing, and to look at making any changes you may want to happen. Working towards improving your well-being, and thereby enhancing the quality of your life and developing the mechanisms to be able to cope in the future.

My sessions are for you and about you. I do not offer my opinions, or give advice, or try to tell you what you should be doing.   I do not judge or will be shocked or alarmed by what you may bring.  You will not have to worry about my feelings, or how I might react.  

Sometimes people say, ‘but I have a partner or a really good friend I can talk to’!.  Friends and family will want to help but they will also have their own agenda, they will want to offer advice and give their opinions and they will also bring their own feelings into the mix.  You will find yourself having to avoid being absolutely honest in order to save their feelings and you will feel pressured in taking their advice and quite often with all the will in the world,  they will not really understand. 

It is a safe place!
I am not the expert however, my clients are, expert in what they are experiencing, in what they feel and expert in what they can achieve.
The therapeutic relationship is really important, showing respect, honesty, trust, congruence, autonomy and empowering my clients, all this provides the safe environment for issues to be explored and to help clients come to their own decisions, where they are able to come to an awareness, an acceptance and to feel strong again, confident and in control.

Day to day living!
If we cease to function properly, then everything falls apart around us.
Life today is full of constant pressures.  It is stressful,   financially, environmentally and emotionally.   Whether it is work issues, i.e. redundancy, bullying, or relationship issues i.e. affairs, divorce, abuse, or bereavement, or a serious accident or ill health.  Or there may be things in your life which happened a long time ago, which you have never been able to face or address but have been buried deep within yourself, but which still haunt you, showing its face when you least expect it, continuing to forever cause distress.   The list is endless. 

These all paint a bleak picture to our lives, but the hard reality is, that's what life sometimes throws at us, it breaks up relationships, it destroys our confidence and it can make us ill.   Everyone at some point or another will experience one or more of these issues.    And these can cause Depression and that is a very lonely place to be, it feels like there is no hope, no way out, with no-one to talk to, no-one who will understand. 

Our health and wellbeing
We are important!
There is still a lot stigma and a lack of understanding, regarding stress and depression, how often do you hear, ‘Oh just pull yourself together and get on with it like others do’.  But those suffering with depression know that it is definitely not as simple as that.   This therefore then makes us feel embarrassed at seeking help and it can result in avoidance and denial and thus not getting the support we need. 

Our mental wellbeing is important.  How come we can invest in making sure the car is roadworthy but we are not able to invest in our own general health and wellbeing and we tend to put this to the bottom of the list?