WELCOME to my website

I am an experienced and professional Pyschotherapist/Counsellor operating in the Downham Market and surrounding areas, working individually with adults or with couples.  
I realise how hard it can be in taking that first step in contacting a Counsellor.  For many years,  I struggled with various issues but it wasn't until I started having therapy myself that I realised that pain and heartache and problems can be resolved,  with the right help.

So if you are finding everyday a struggle, where you feel low and depressed, worrying, or stressed and anxious, or have no motivation, can’t sleep, either eat too much or too little, have a lack of concentration, feel emotional, or feel like something bad is about to happen and are breaking down at the smallest of things, then it is time to seek help. 

Waiting can cause symptoms to become worse, therefore, it is really important to get help as soon as possible.    Appointments can be arranged within days, so there will be no need to wait weeks or months to see someone.

Trying to survive in the world we live in is not easy but being able to recognise that help is there when you need it is, taking that first step as early as you can, is the first step to recovery.